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Program #0331 for Monday, July 2, 2012: Ross Douthat and Bad Religion

July 2, 2012

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Summary of today’s show: Ross Douthat’s new book “Bad Religion” looks at how the landscape of American spirituality has changed over the past 60 years–from traditional orthodoxy to individual spiritualism– and what that means for our society and culture. Scot Landry and Douthat talk about the American religious revival after World War II in a […]

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Program #0300 for Wednesday, May 16, 2012: Michael Coren’s new book “Heresy”

May 16, 2012


Summary of today’s show: Canadian author Michael Coren rejoins us for our 300th show to discuss his new book “Heresy” in which he tackles the ten big myths and lies told about Christians and Christianity. Scot Landry and Fr. Matt Williams talk with Michael about debating atheists on the existence of Jesus; why Christians care […]

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