Local Pilgrimages near Boston: Best of TGCL Program #0627B for Friday, November 29, 2013

Local Pilgrimages near Boston

Local Pilgrimages near Boston

Today’s topics: Local Pilgrimages near Boston

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Today we bring you an encore presentation of Scot Landry and Fr. Chip Hines discussion with Kevin Nelson of CatholicTV, about local pilgrimages within a day’s drive of Boston.

Jim and Terry share with Scot the story of how they started My Brother’s Keeper, a mission to provide furniture and food to the needy in southeastern Massachusetts while preserving dignity and sharing the love of Christ. Jack Shaughnessy, a benefactor of My Brother’s Keeper, also discusses what inspires him about their charity and why he’s involved.

Complete shownotes may be found on the original airdate’s show page.

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