Alvaro Vega, the Hip Hop Seminarian: Program #0627 for Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27, 2013

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Alvaro Vega, the Hip Hop Seminarian

Alvaro Vega, the Hip Hop Seminarian

Today’s topics: Alvaro Vega, the Hip Hop Seminarian

Summary of today’s show: Alvaro Vega is a second-year seminarian in the Archdiocese of Miami, but he’s also an aspiring hip-hop musician who believes that God is calling him both to the priesthood and use music in his ministry. Alvaro joins Scot Landry and Fr. Matt Williams to discuss how he came to discern his vocation to the priesthood and how music played a role in that, as well as his new song called iBelieve, which he composed in Spanish and translated to English.

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Today’s host(s): Scot Landry and Fr. Matt Williams

Today’s guest(s): Alvaro Vega, a seminarian of the Archdiocese of Miami

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I believe in God, the Lord, the Almighty
Who embraces the leper of society
Gives sight to the blind with clay that He’s spit in,
And says, ‘Rise and walk, your sins are forgiven’

I believe our mission is to care for the homeless
And bring the Good news to all of the hopeless
It’s our responsibility, not merely sage advice
In every poor person is the face of Christ

I believe in the One who gave His life on the cross
And redeemed humanity without counting the cost
I believe in the Bible and every word that’s written
And in the Magisterium and Catholic Tradition

I believe in Jesus who frees us from all diseases,
The One who came to teach us the love thy neighbor thesis,
The One who came to frees us and redeem us from our sins,
If you love Jesus put your hands up in the air and sing:

I believe that Jesus is the Way
For a better tomorrow and today
Throw your hands up in the air and lift your voice
And say, ‘I believe in Jesus and rejoice’

2nd Verse
I believe in you and me and in all humanity
I believe in G.O.D., maker of the galaxy
I believe this human race can start to see better days
If we only place our faith in the Lord and change our ways

But, let me tell you what I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in atheism as a valid reason
I don’t believe in the redefinition of marriage
I don’t believe in the right through with millions have perished

Babies are killed before reaching the carriage
Moral values nowadays are being disparaged
I believe that only love could overcome hatred
And bring us to respect human life which is sacred

I believe we need to feed the poor and clothe the naked
‘cause a life lived without loving is wasted
I believe that only Jesus could wipe away our sorrow
And heal the world for a better tomorrow


3rd Verse
Man deciding for himself right and wrong is nonsense
I believe in the law written in our conscience
I believe in the return of Christ in glory and power
Stay awake, ‘cause we know neither the day nor the hour

Persevere in prayer and always be watchful
And labor for the Gospel like an apostle
I believe through Christ all things are possible
We could conquer evil and every obstacle

To make the world a better place for the human race
Every nation giving God thanksgiving and praise
Each man reflecting Christ in his face
With an undying charity and love that is chaste

Man is a pilgrim on the journey of life
Who only finds his purpose in Christ
May the good Lord shine on us with His smile
And help us get to heaven with the heart of a child


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2 Responses to “Alvaro Vega, the Hip Hop Seminarian: Program #0627 for Wednesday, November 27, 2013”

  1. CARLOS Says:

    Alvaro yu rock, God is with you. Your song inspires my soul every morning, thank you! God bring you all the blessings that you deserve. “You will touch many lives.”

  2. Logan Says:

    Wow, this music video and song is phenomenal! I’m not a fan of hip hop or rap, but your song really touched me. God speed, mi amigo. God bless you in your studies to the priesthood! This is the new evangelization!