Priest Profile: Fr. Mark Murphy: Program #0549J Best of TGCL for Thursday, August 1, 2013

Priest Profile: Fr. Mark Murphy

Priest Profile: Fr. Mark Murphy

The Good Catholic Life is on summer vacation! In the meantime, we’re bringing you some of our favorite shows. We will return on August 5 with an all-new show.

Today, we bring you an encore presentation of this profile of Fr. Mark Murphy. At the time this show originally aired, 16 months after his ordination, Fr. Mark Murphy remained the youngest priest of the Archdiocese of Boston and he’s now serving in one of the busiest and largest parishes, St. Agatha’s in Milton/Quincy. Fr. Mark shares with Scot Landry and Fr. Chris O’Connor how his first year as a priest had gone, the unique and welcoming way his parish has received him, the challenges of serving a parish with as many people coming to daily Mass as some parishes get on Sunday, and how he’s managed to improve his already superior golf game.

Complete shownotes may be found on the original airdate’s show page.

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