Program #0362 for Wednesday, August 29th, 2012: Sacred Heart School in Roslindale

August 29, 2012

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Today’s host(s): Scot Landry

Today’s guest(s): Mrs. Monica Haldiman (Principal) and Mary Roberts (Director of Development) of Sacred Heart School in Roslindale

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Today’s topics: Building strong Catholic identity and a diverse community with technology and Catholic values at Sacred Heart School in Roslindale.

1st segment: 1st segment: Scot Landry said that people have been talking about two things today – the return of schools and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Scot asked for everyone’s prayers for the residents of the New Orleans due to the hurricane currently approaching the Gulf Cost. Scot also noted that today, the feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, is Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s priestly anniversary.

Scot said he wanted to profile the work of the Catholic schools as kids across Boston prepare to go back to school, and welcomed Monica Haldiman (Principal of Sacred Heart School) and Mary Roberts (Director of Development at Sacred Heart School). Scot asked Monica for of an overview of Sacred Heart School. Monica said that the staff is amazing, and the staff is further complemented by Msgr. Kelly, the pastor, who puts action behind his words. Monica commented they have amazing scholars at Sacred Heart. Scot asked why she calls the students scholars – Monica said its because they want them to have pride in what they do and wants them to have that dignity.

Scot asked if the mission of Sacred Heart differs from the mission of the other Catholic schools. Monica said that every Catholic school has the same mission, which is to serve the Church, but every school their own culture from the composition of scholars, staff and the faculty that embodies the mission. Scot asked how many of the students are non-Catholic. Monica said today about 43% of the students are non-Catholic students but a lot of them are Christians and they can share their own faith with our Catholic students and when we can bring them together it’s a wonderful experience.

Scot noted that the school has a social justice program. Mary said the program involves philanthropy projects where the kids are encouraged to help others and that is very empowering for child. Scot then asked about what the community thinks of the students of Sacred Heart. Monica said that what stands out is their behavior, their empathy and compassion and that it is not uncommon for her to receive a call about a student that helped some by just holding a door or picking up something from the floor, the service is integrated in them.

2nd segment: Susan was very impressed with the schools powerful mission statement to teach at such a young age that actions have consequences. Susan also said that she was very impressed by their language arts program and their explicit statement regarding bullying. Monica sad that they reformulated the mission statement last year and that it was important to them to adopted the slogan “DREAM BIG”: Determination, respect, excellence, accountability – Believe in God. Scot read the School’s mission statement:

“In the Sacred Heart School Community, we DREAM BIG! Inspired by belief in God, we teach our students to be determined, respectful scholars. We encourage mastery across the disciplines as well as accountability for one’s actions and words. By educating our students academically, spiritually, socially, and physically we prepare scholars to strive for excellence as life-long learners in a technological world enriched by the arts.”

Scot asked how Sacred Heart educates their students by incorporating technology. Mary said the children need to know how to do research, how to use different programs like the Rosetta Stone programs that we have in our school and that they are trying to push themselves selves and challenge them to use the world of technology so that the students can be comfortable with them.

Scot asked about the experience of having single sex classrooms in a co-ed school. Monica said it was about responding to the needs of the students because they knew from studies that boys learn differently from girls but that they don’t have the program anymore because the program was uneven with too many boys and not as many girls.

Scot asked what was the summer like for Sacred Heart. Mary said that they spent the entire summer preparing and planning and the Catholic Schools Office was a great help for the success of their programs because of the support and resources provided.

Scot mentioned the importance of caring for the whole person and not just their education and asked Mary how does Sacred Heart incorporates that aspect. Mary said that the teachers know their students and their needs and make sure they have the resources and are given the dignity they need to be successful.

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