Program #0351G Best of TGCL for Thursday, August 9, 2012: Andy Lavallee

Andy Lavallee

Andy Lavallee

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The Good Catholic Life is on summer vacation! In the meantime, we’re bringing you some of our favorite shows. We will return on August 14 with an all-new show.

Today, we bring you an encore presentation of an interview with local Catholic businessman Andy LaVallee who lives his faith 24/7, bringing his Catholic values into LaVallee’s Bakery Distributors, which provides high-quality breads to feed the poor and homeless; puts employees, customers, and vendors above the bottom line through Gospel values; and has now started a new initiative providing free nutritious bread to anyone who wants to fast for Lent ( In addition, Andy helped found the Massachusetts Catholic Business Association, bringing together Catholics in all fields and walks of life to pray, learn their faith, and join in fellowship on a regular basis.

Complete shownotes may be found on the original airdate’s show page.

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