The Curt Jester: The Good Catholic Life is “a quality show”

April 10, 2012

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Jeff Miller, known throughout the Catholic blogosphere as “The Curt Jester”, recently wrote of his appreciation for The Good Catholic Life as representative of the kind of new media content, specifically podcasts, that Catholic dioceses should be producing:

The Archdiocese of Boston produces The Good Catholic Life, an hour long show scheduled Monday through Fridays. The production values are very good and the host Scot Landry is top notch in moving the show along and doing interviews. This is a quality show that focuses on local news for the diocese along with news that affects all Catholics. So Catholics in the diocese who listen to it are kept well aware of what is going on in the dioceses along with hearing personal stories of other in the diocese.

I would love to have a similar podcast in my own diocese to learn more about the priests and people in my diocese to build up a real sense of community that is often lacking in today’s parish life.

They also simulcast the show on their local Catholic radio station which is also an ideal way to build up an audience.

No doubt producing such a podcast is time intensive and requires real resources to pull off right, but I think it is something well worth doing.

Thank you, Jeff. We’re glad to see our efforts are appreciated and we’d love to see them replicated throughout the Church.

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